She went Plant-Based! Well…sort of!

Yes, you read it right! Little miss meat-eater and lover of cheese is attempting a whole-foods plant based diet for the month of July. “Attempt” being the operative word but I’m feeling positive and hopeful this will be a sustainable change, maybe not 100% but at the very least 85% with any animal products being as “ethically” sourced as possible. We shall see!

I’m going to keep you updated throughout the month. I’ve taken measurements and weighed myself. Of course the main aim here is to try a way of eating that is better for the planet and proven to be good for humans but a hopeful gain will be weight loss and feeling better because I won’t lie…I’m at the end of my tether.

Since I started a desk-based job 11 months ago, all the hard work I had achieved has gone down the drain. Going from being on my feet to 8 hours sitting and then the inevitable treats in the break room which are so welcome when you’ve had a shitty call and are feeling emotional has meant I’ve gained back two stones (28lbs) and are right back to square one with a total of over 4 stone to lose. I’ve started and restarted weight loss programmes, workout routines, made smoothies, increased protein etc but I just haven’t had the heart to maintain it. I’ve been beating myself up about my progress in the wrong direction and something’s got to give.

So when I heard about The Happy Pear’s Online Happy Heart Course through a friend, I thought this could be the shift in mindset I need. Focusing on something that will be beneficial to my health but has a much wider and positive effect on the earth might be what I need to take the focus off my negative gains and emotional state and make me think about the bigger picture.

The four week course is the brainchild of two of the most positive, motivating and all round purveyors of the good life and social media sensations, a true happy pair of blokes – David and Stephen Flynn from Wicklow Ireland. They own The Happy Pear Restaurant and Fresh Produce store (You can read more about their story here) and are advocates for a plant based lifestyle, mindfulness, positive thinking, yoga and movement and are just the tonic in my opinion to help me dig out of this black hole.

I, in no way, think that the next four weeks are going to be so revelatory that I’m going to be a whole new person with a better outlook in life, that can suddenly achieve all my goals and never have a bad day but what I do think this will be is a START. A start of cutting the bullshit, feeling sorry for myself, not sticking my head in the sand and then wonder why I’m still unhappy.

It’s taking the focus off ALL the stuff I worry about and concentrating on one thing I can control that can bring a positive change and ALLOW me to remember all the amazing things I have that I need to honour with gratitude on a daily basis.

The course starts tomorrow – July 2nd and is run on a monthly basis at a cost of €99 but look out for special offers, I got it for half price by looking out for a post on Facebook. You get recipes, shopping lists, videos, Q&As, a private FB group, online lectures and eight weeks access to the course. As my friend so succinctly put it, “I’ve wasted fifty quid on less productive things.”

The past couple of weeks I’ve been concentrating on eating less meat and dairy with the last ten days, having had meat and cheese only once or twice. I’ve tried some recipes and been completely satisfied so I know I-can-do-it! I was in Dublin the week after I signed up and my sister and brother-in-law and nephew accompanied me out to The Happy Pear restaurant where I got to sample the cooking, spend a fortune in the shop and got to meet Dave! one half of the Happy Pear and tell him I was starting the course. Pic below and I fully intend to revisit in a few weeks time with hopefully an after pic that I’m happier with.











Exercise wise- I’m going to stick with walking. Try and make the most of these bright mornings and get it done before work so it’s not hanging over me and since I’m struggling with anxiety, adding back in some Yoga with Adriene. I did a short practice today and it was amazing how the knots in my stomach began to unfurl.

Anyway that’s more than enough rambling. I will be checking in each week to let you know how I’ve been getting on! Until then!

Take care x

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