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Hey lovelies! Today I’m delighted to welcome the fab Jane Lark onto the blog today to celebrate the release of her new book JUST FOR THE RUSH! Scroll down for an awesome guest post to enjoy with a cuppa and more info about your next fave read! 🙂

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No one wants Mr Nice Guy…

A surprise marriage proposal from her perfectly nice Rugby playing boyfriend, Rick, has Ivy Cooper heading for the hills. She isn’t looking for a comfortable future, she wants something more, something that will make her heart race.

And her heart only beats harder when she’s with Jack her playboy boss. While Rick’s comfort is cosy, Jack’s protection makes her feel like she’s in a fortress…and his style of sex…well, it’s like nothing she’s every experienced before…

Guest Post

Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul…

I think that the eyes are the most important part in a fictional character. I always describe a character’s eyes fairly early on in a book.


When I talk to people I always look them in the eyes. There is a saying that ‘the eyes are a window to the soul’ and you can see so much of people’s emotion by looking into their eyes.

My husband and daughter have fabulous brown eyes, so I am usually thinking of their eyes when I write characters with brown eyes. They also have naturally black really long eyelashes and dark eyebrows. When they look at you it is quite mesmerizing and my daughter is also always really smiley and happy, so that usually hovers as a light that shines in the texture of the deep browns; like light through brandy or the shine on the colour of concurs when they have just been broken out from their green pods.

See what I mean, if you are a visual thinking person, you are now quite likely to be engaging with her personality through her eyes, and I think you need to do that with characters too. That’s why I need to describe their eyes. So you can look into the eyes of the character and try to understand what is going on in their heads – and hearts.

The inspiration for Ivy’s eyes, in Just for the Rush, is Elizabeth Taylor, I can’t think who it was, but an interviewer once stopped talking, looked into her eyes suddenly and said, “You have the most amazing violet eyes.” That thing that made him stop with astonishment is the connection that catches Jack.

Looking in to people’s eyes is so powerful. My friend and me worked out in our late teens you could pull any guy you wanted by just looking at them across a bar. If you kept surreptitiously looking at them eventually they would be too intrigued and have to come over. A trick that Jack has learned to play in Just for the Rush, and he is always looking into Ivy’s eyes and trying to guess what she is thinking and not saying.

What colour eyes fascinate you most, brown, blue, grey, hazel, green or violet?

Because of my husband I am all about brown eyes 😉


Best wishes,

Jane x


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