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Hey everyone! Super excited to be part of the blog tour for Sarah Harvey’s new book


I have a fab guest post from Sarah Harvey all about the discipline required to work as an author. It’s a fab read so be sure to scroll down and check it out!

How To Hook A Husband

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When Belle returns home from backpacking for her best friend’s wedding and catches the groom-to-be with another girl, the wedding is called off and Nicky is eternally grateful. Realising her friend has a talent for spotting men with a roving eye, Nicky puts her friend to work helping others and soon Belle is hanging out in bars and hiding in bushes, hoping to catch unsuspecting Casanovas… Then she is hired to follow the elusive Eddie Farrar and everything changes as Belle finds herself falling under his spell. Will she be able to resist his charms or is there more to him than meets the eye? About the Author: Sarah Harvey is an internationally successful writer of fun, young romantic fiction. How to Hook a Husband is her first novel published by Manilla. Sarah lives with her partner and their dogs in Northamptonshire.
He’s caught the bait, now it’s time to reel him in…

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The disciplines required to work in such a solitary way and keep on writing, what an author does all day

When you work from home, keep your own hours, are your own boss – studiously avoiding the thought ofthe gently cracking whip of publishers and looming deadlines – then the temptations to do anything other than work are many.  Working in your own house is kind of like being a child told to sit down in the middle of a toyshop and do its homework.

There are various things in my house that test me.I personally find that the proximity of the kitchen is a constant problem.  I lose track of the amount of times that I go to my cupboard in the futile hope that each time I open it something more interesting to consume will have just materialized there since the last time I looked.  Sadly (or thankfully for the sake of the size of my arse) my kitchen was not built by Hogwarts, and chocolate bars do not simply appear where once there was a five year old bag of red lentils.  And yet still I look, ever hopeful.Then there are my dogs, it’s very hard to concentrate on leading my heroin through the angst and obstacles of her story toward her ultimate dream of love and happiness with her handsome hero, when there are three pairs of canine eyes boring a hole in the back of my head, sending psychic messages to take them outside so they can release their inner ninja on the world.Can you also imagine what it is like when your “office” has a television in it?  It’s amazing how interesting a documentary on the internal combustion engine can become when your plot suddenly loses its own spark and momentum.  And whoever put the world wide web on the same computer that I’m actually typing on, should be lead naked into the presence of all women novelists everywhere and be made to grovelingly apologise.  Buying shoes and googling Daniel Bruhl between chapters?  Moi?And then there are the odd and random distractions. I once found myself simultaneously working out my time line whilst plucking random wayward hairs from various parts of my anatomy.  Can you imagine doing that in the middle of a busy open plan office? One moment Mr. Chairman, I’ll be with you as soon as I’ve dealt with my moustache?

It also doesn’t help when you work from home, that certain people don’t actually believe you do very much all day,which brings me to my number one enemy in the war of world versus book, the thing that seems most determined to stop me doing any work at all.

My Mother.

Since I moved to live only three miles way from her, invitations to shop/lunch/wine/coffee/gin/garden centres/cinema/theatre/concerts, are thick and fast and generally daily.  I think she actually thinks she’s helping me.  When talking of my lovely housefrau sister in law, and how hard she is finding it, with both children now at school, to fill her days, she added the rider, “but of course you’ll know how that feels”

It was at this point that I put both her, and the dogs into the kitchen cupboard and waited hopefully for it to turn them into a chocolate bar or even a bag of red lentils, I didn’t mind which… But back to the world of reality instead of the world inside my warped mind…How do I find the discipline to write when there are these and so many other distractions?  Well its simple, it’s because I really love to write.  Sad little loner that I am, when I wake up in the morning and realize that I have absolutely no plans for the day other than delving into the world I am currently creating in words, I actually do a little happy dance as I skip out of bed and head straight for the kettle and my computer. When asked to give advice on becoming a writer, I always say the same thing, “if it’s truly in your heart and soul to do it, then nothing will stop you, so just sit down, and write”, but thinking about it, maybe I should add to that, but first bolt the doors,padlock the fridge,buy the dogs a treadmill, hide the t.v. remote, disable your wifi, and swear blind to your mother you’ve moved to Outer Mongolia

P.S If you’re reading this, love you Mum, fancy a gin?

About the Author

sarah harveySarah Harvey is an internationally successful writer of fun, young romantic fiction. How to Hook a Husband is her first novel published by Manilla. Sarah lives with her partner and their dogs in Northamptonshire.


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