Killer Game by Kirsty McKay |Blog Tour – Guest Post by Author

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Killer Game by Kirsty McKay |Blog Tour – Guest Post by Author

Hey guys! Today I’m super excited to spotlight an awesome new book!
KILLER GAME by Kirsty McKay which is published by Chicken House!
Scroll down for an amazing guest post by the author and info on the book and look out for my review next week!

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At Cate’s isolated boarding school, Killer Game is a tradition. Only a select few are invited to play. They must avoid being killed by a series of thrilling pranks, and identify the murderer. But this time, it’s different: the game stops feeling fake and starts getting dangerous and Cate’s the next target. Can they find the culprit … before it’s too late?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt … by Kirsty McKay

In my book, KILLER GAME, teenagers are swept up in an illicit game that goes on for several weeks over the autumn term at boarding school. What begins as fairly innocent fun quickly turns dark when players start to get hurt.

So why play a banned game? In these days of helicopter parents and hyper-organized, sanitized fun, it’s no wonder that kids like to break loose and take some risks. It’s good for them. I’m not talking about anything that’s actually supposed to be dangerous, like surfing on the roof of a car or cramming your mouth full of cinnamon. That stuff’s just stupid. No, I’m thinking about the games that are designed to be ‘frightening-but-fun’ … but sometimes end up a little more serious than anyone intended.

7 Deadly Games – Do you dare to play?

1 Assassin

(Pic: Assassin’s Creed)

No, NOT that one …

I’m talking a live action game. I call it KILLER in my book, but in real life it’s more commonly known as Assassin, or sometimes Gotcha or KAOS or Paranoia. There are lots of variations on the rules, but the basic idea is, a group of players come together and ‘kill’ each other with fake weapons. The game goes on for several days or even weeks, and the idea is to survive and get as many kills under your belt as you can, usually in public, usually in a funny way.

Sometimes, however, things aren’t so funny.

On 31st March 2009 in Washington State in the USA, several shops and business premises were evacuated when a ‘bomb’ was discovered. Police and fire fighters descended on the area. A bomb disposal team from Seattle were called, heck, even the FBI showed up. What did they find? A box, with a beeping motion sensor and the words ‘You’re Dead’ on it. The culprit? Not a terrorist, but a student playing a game of Assassin, who had left the ‘bomb’ in a flowerbed for one of his victims.

Not the smartest move; bet he never lived that one down, and I bet he didn’t win the game.

2 Truth or Dare

In case you don’t know, Truth or Dare is a game where everyone takes turns to either reveal a secret or perform a dare. I always picked truth, because, come on. Who wants to pick dare? It usually involves taking clothes off or eating something gross. That was bad enough in the days gone by, but nowadays even when the dare seems pretty innocuous, it always comes back to haunt you, because CAMERAS and INTERNET. Proof? Arianna Grande and those doughnuts.

Picking truth is always a risk too, because if it’s something really mild then it makes you seem like a boring person, and then you have to make up something more interesting, which, believe me, is a rocky road to ruin … so just don’t play this game, OK? You’ll thank me when you’re older, because CAMERAS and INTERNET.

(Side note for those readers a lot younger than me, ie most people: Truth or Dare was also a documentary about Madonna, filmed way back when celebrities didn’t have reality shows, so it was considered pretty revolutionary at the time. You should check it out sometime and see how we used to be entertained, pre-Kardashian.)

(Side Side note: Oh, and – Madonna is a pop star, BTW.)

3 Dungeons and Dragons

This is thrilling, you guys

Like, oh my goodness where do we start? So, for those who don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons is a game where the players bravely sit around a table and pretend to be orcs, wizards and giants going into caves and meeting monsters who thump them or have gold or something. Someone throws a dice and a megalomaniac Game Master tells the player if they got killed or had a little sleep. Or something.

(Look, I’m only bitter because at my school I was clearly such an enormous loser that the D&D club wouldn’t let me join.)

‘Society’ has always had it in for this gang of sedentary marauders, the media trying to link the game with Satanism, gangs, and the promotion of suicide and murder. People got really upset about it in the ‘80s; they even made a movie. Turns out the game may well be benign – demons were probably not summoned – but it’s really better avoided even today, because if you’re into that stuff you can do it all online without having to hide in some dusty corner of the school.

4 Streetwars

Have water pistol, will travel …

Ok, so this is one that initially sounds just like the most fun ever, and then you actually think about it and it’s kind of, hmmm

It’s like Assassin (see above), but without the subtlety. Gangs of players roam the streets with water pistols and the name and description of a victim, who once identified is thoroughly soaked and much hilarity ensues. This game tours the world – New York, London, other big cities where it’s generally a really bad idea to run around with anything vaguely resembling a gun. (“Irresponsible!” said the British Transport Police, when London was first invaded by players in 2006. Harsh words, indeed. Don’t hold back, British Transport Police! They probably actually said, “Irresponsible! Sorry.”)

If it still sounds like fun to you, check the Streetwars guys out here: They have a video and everything.

5 Charlie Charlie Challenge


First there was the Ouija board. Then folks just got cheap and Charlie Charlie Challenge was born. Two pencils in a cross. Some wind. (No, not that kind of wind, silly.) Ask Charlie questions, he answers. Demons are summoned, or whatever. Some kids have nightmares. Apparently some kids get weird scratches and bruises, and lo, the grown ups and the Daily Fail flip. Yawn, yawn.

But there are quite a lot of funny videos out there of people freaking out. I’m not going to link to them because of the proliferation of f-bombs and other stuff some might find offensive, but you should have a peep if you want a laugh … but not if you’re home alone …

6 Computer Games

Remember how a few paras ago I told you that you’d be far better off gaming online? Yeah, well forget that. Obviously it’s only a matter of time before the machines take over, and they’re currently scrutinizing how mediocre we are in battle by snooping on us every time we hit the Xbox, so that’s one reason not to do it.

That aside, getting involved in video games is clearly very dangerous. There are legions of people who have died from this, legions I tell ya. Sitting around in their pants, not having eaten for days, peeing in cups and shunning all forms of actual human interaction.

And it even happens in public places. Earlier this year, some poor bloke in Taiwan died after playing in an internet café for three days without pause. He had a heart attack, and – get this – nobody else noticed for hours. There he was, slumped over his keyboard, and no one thought that was weird. Some didn’t even notice when they stretchered him out of there, so ENGROSSED were they in their strange little worlds.

So maybe don’t do that.

7 Secret Santa

I don’t think anything scary has ever happened in a Secret Santa game, unless you count someone getting a really bad sweater. But if you know of anything, let me know, because it would make an awesome sequel to KILLER GAME. Merry Christmas, everybody!


(Pic: Tales from the Crypt)


Well, having read up on all the weirdery that’s out there, if you think you can handle it, why don’t you pick up a copy of KILLER GAME and enjoy the chills and thrills from the comfort of underneath your own duvet? (Works for my other books, UNDEAD and UNFED, too.) Have fun!




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