Love in a Small Town by Zoe York | Review

July 20, 2015 Book Reviews 6 ★★★★★

Love in a Small Town by Zoe York | ReviewLove in a Small Town by Zoe York
Series: Pine Harbour #1
Published by ZoYo Press on August 26th 2014
Pages: 226
Format: ebook
Source: Purchased

Six years. Two break ups. One divorce. They should be over each other.

Police officer and army reservist Rafe Minelli knows better than to tell his wife no, particularly since they aren't married anymore. She can’t hightail it out of town, though, not when they’ve finally broken through the post-divorce cold war status quo.

Olivia Minelli needs to leave Pine Harbour. It’s just too hard to see Rafe moving on without her—even if he says he doesn’t want to. But when a new and exciting job falls into her lap, she needs to choose: protect her heart, or take the new job and risk getting emotionally entangled with her ex-husband. Again.

I absolutely love those very rare occasions these days when I discover an author all on my own. It reminds me of my pre-blogging days when I wandered into a book store and picked a book up on a whim, knowing nothing about the author, previous works or what themes it had and genre it was. I don’t know what drew me to LOVE IN A SMALL TOWN but I’m so glad I picked it up. It awakened in me a love for second chance romance and for that I am so thankful!

Set in the small Canadian town of Pine Harbour, Liv and Rafe Minelli have been divorced for two years. Marrying young, their relationship sizzled with chemistry but it was their fiery tempers that led to pressing the self destruct button on their nuptials. Now Rafe is a member of the police force and Liv is forced to pour his morning coffee in her job as waitress in her ex mother-in-law’s diner. 

I loved how real their relationship was. The difficulties of seeing your ex every day is hard enough when you hate each other but when feelings of love and passion have never quite extinguished and are instead ignited by one seriously hot encounter in the woods (where’s my fan?), things are even more complicated. 

Flashbacks to their old relationship when they were still married are equally captivating and heartbreaking as we see how easy a relationship can slowly dissolve if you grow complacent. Olivia and Rafe simply stopping making a true effort, finding it easier to not speak up then start to another fight until everything builds and combusts. As they slowly start to communicate again in the present day storyline, we see just how deep the passion runs and how much love they still have for each other. York knows how to write steamy scenes and I swear the pages started smoking at one stage, it was so darn hot! 

Both Rafe and Olivia are wonderful characters who I sympathised with from the get-go and I loved going on their journey with them. The secondary characters that pop up in the other books in this series are equally wonderfully realised and definitely have my interest piqued for future books.

LOVE IN A SMALL TOWN is a warm-hearted, sexy and emotional tale of second chances that is sure to please any reader of romance.


6 Responses to “Love in a Small Town by Zoe York | Review”

  1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    This does sound interesting. I’m not always into second chance love stories, but sometimes I love them.

    And it is fun when you discover an author all on your own. It doesn’t happen much to me anymore either!

    • Danielle

      It was really great! I loved the easy style of writing too. Reminded me of Jill Shalvis. I think this is free at the moment too, I think you’d really like it so defo nab it if it is!

  2. tonyalee

    Second chance romances are becoming my favorite and I especially love the sound of this one and their history!

    Also, I miss those days when I stumble upon authors! Great review love!

    • Danielle

      Thank hon. Yup I loved the backstory to this one and the supporting characters are great so can’t wait to read the companion books!

  3. Chrissi Reads

    I’m totally with you on that amazing feeling of discovering an author yourself. It doesn’t happen to me much anymore either! Great review.

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