Run to You by Rachel Gibson | Review

June 30, 2014 Book Reviews 0 ★★★

Run to You by Rachel Gibson | ReviewRun To You by Rachel Gibson
Series: Lovett, Texas #4
Published by Corgi on March 27th, 2014
Pages: 384
Format: eArc
Source: NetGalley

Ex-marine Beau Junger likes fast cars and loud music. His body is covered in tattoos and makes girls go weak at the knees. But Beau's not interested in love this year: No women. No sex. No complications. His only worry is saving Stella Leon.

Stella doesn't need saving. She's always been independent, confident, strong. At least on the outside. And she definitely doesn't need a man. After all, she's never known one she could depend on.

But when Beau turns up and spirits her across state to meet her estranged sister, everything changes. They've both got their demons to face, but as the southern heat brings tensions sizzling to the surface, something sparks between them. This tough guy has finally met his match - and they're both about to fall harder than a ton of red-hot bricks...

I’m always a bit hesitant to read books that are part of a series even when it says that it can be read as a standalone and with RUN TO YOU being fourth in a romance series called Lovett, Texas I was more than apprehensive. Luckily Run to You stood on its own two feet and any characters I could sense had more of a back-story to them than provided in this offering simply made me intrigued to discover the other books in the series which is always a positive sign in my book!


RUN TO YOU kicks off with former marine Beau Junger being dispatched by his old friend Vince to deliver a message to a young woman living in Miami called Stella Leon. Stella is the long-lost sister of Vince’s fiancée Sadie who just discovered after her father’s death that he kept the knowledge of her younger sister a secret for her whole life. Eager to connect with her sibling, Vince helps Sadie track Stella down and asks Beau to invite Stella to come to Texas and meet her sister. When Beau arrives in Miami he immediately gets on the wrong side of Stella’s boss with mafia connections and puts her in danger. Together they high-tail it out of Miami and head on out on a road trip to Texas. Stuck in close quarters the two opposites find an attraction stirring. Between the budding romance, the threat from mob gangsters and the knowledge that the sister she always wanted finally wants her back, Stella has her hands full and Beau who swore off women and sex until he met his future wife cannot fathom how this annoying pint-sized fire cracker could ever get under his skin. Will the two manage to find a way to make everything work or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

This was such a fun, easy to read, cute romance! I don’t read enough Adult romances, usually sticking to the sweet and innocent YA ones that make my tummy flutter or the dysfunctional NA ones that make me want to scream! Run to You reminded me how wonderful it can be to read a romance not weighted down by any juvenile drama.

Stella is a really cool character, hilarious with a few rough edges; she’s prone to saying the first thing that comes out of her mouth regardless of the consequences. Her past really made me connect with her and I felt sympathy for her and her feelings towards the father who never truly acknowledged her and knowing that she had a sister who was successful and had her father’s love. Coupled with the fact that she had a family who took advantage of her kindness and having to be fiercely independent from an early age, her journey was one that definitely kept me interested and eager to discover more.

Beau was definitely the typical restrained, gruff ex military man, not interested in mincing his words. The son of a decorated navy seal who was also a notorious philanderer, Beau from the moment he walked into a Marine recruitment centre was eager to distance himself. When he woke up with yet another woman he could barely remember the name of he was shocked to discover that maybe he wasn’t such a different man to his father after all and determined to change he decides to swear off women until he meets the one he wants to marry.

Together the two make a great pair, hilarious in their interactions at times but just as important their sexual chemistry simmers nicely throughout the book until it boils over and is HAWT! Because the book takes place over the course of a week I was a little worried that I would get a whiff of the ever unpleasant insta-love but happily it was never really a concern. Having the secondary plotlines of the mob threat and the impending meet up with Sadie kept the romance fresh and never too overpowering.

Overall RUN TO YOU was a fun quick read, perfect to curl up with on a weekend and get lost in for a few hours.


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