Fractured by Dani Atkins (Review)

March 5, 2014 Book Reviews 3 ★★★★

Fractured by Dani Atkins (Review)Fractured by Dani Atkins
Published by Head of Zeus on November 1st 2013
Pages: 266
Format: Paperback
Source: Publicist, Publisher

What would you do if life gave you a second chance?

Rachel's life was perfect. She had a handsome boyfriend, wonderful friends and a place at university. But the night of the accident changed everything. She was left badly scarred, and consumed by guilt. In a single heartbeat, her world fell apart.

Now, five years later, Rachel wakes up after a sudden fall to discover that everything is different. Reality has shifted. The tragedy never happened - and the people she lost are alive and well. Unable to trust her memories, Rachel is drawn into a new world full of happiness, love and second chances. Can it really be possible that the life she once dreamed of was hers all along?

Gripping, romantic and heartbreaking, Fractured is a magical love story that asks: Can two different stories lead to the same happy ending?

I am a huge fan of “what if” stories. Parallel lives and second chances, I mean, who hasn’t wished for a do-over at some point?

FRACTURED is the story of Rachel, she’s a girl with a bright future ahead of her, place at uni, great friends, that gorgeous boyfriend who on paper seems fabulous but you kind of want her to open her eyes and see what else is out there. It’s a “last hurrah” dinner before summer ends and hope and possibility are in the air. When a freak accident destroys Rachel’s life and dreams in a heartbeat, we watch as her story picks up five years later. Downtrodden, grieving, broken, Rachel’s life is shattered. When a wedding invitation from her best friend arrives Rachel has to find the strength to face her past and the group of friends that she left behind after that fateful night. On the way there, Rachel is involved in another accident and wakes up in hospital to a very different life. Surrounded by her fiancé and friends things seem to good to be true, especially when the one person she thought she had lost forever is staring down at her. Has Rachel been in a nightmare all along? Is this her true life? Is everything really fractured?

This book was chock full of feels. I have never rooted for characters more and my wish for Rachel to find the truth and her happiness grew with the turn of every page. I loved how Atkins plotted her story; at every twist I was left slightly out of breath with my heart pounding as Rachel uncovered hints and clues about her life. It’s one of those books where if I go into detail like I usually do I’ll end up spilling the beans and this is a book where you really need to go into it with clear eyes and no theories as to what is happening because it’s almost an interactive experience as you pour over everything with Rachel, throwing out wild theories of rips in time-space continuum, trying to remember how Kirk and Spock would have handled this one until the veil lifts and the ending, oh the ending.

There’s a reason this book is called FRACTURED and it’s not just about Rachel and her life, it’s about what Dani Atkins does to her reader’s hearts as she offers them hope and heartbreak wrapped in one fabulously written gift. This book packs a punch, full of emotion with a character you can’t help but fall for. Rachel was simply wonderful and her journey was unforgettable. Of course there’s romance and ladies and gents, there were moments and near-misses that made me swoon and cry in frustration like every great love story. Atkins writing is fantastic, I loved how easily it flowed and the pacing never stuttered. An assured debut, she takes the reader on a gripping and magical story filled with equal parts love, optimism and heartbreak.

Beautiful, poignant and sweet, FRACTURED shines with the sparkle of brilliance and is one that will stay with me for years to come. Highly recommend.


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  1. Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    I haven’t heard of this one yet, but it’s definitely going on my to-read list now! I love how it seems to be one of those books that gets stuck with you after a while. Lovely review, Danielle. 🙂

  2. tonyalee

    This one is new to me. But I love the sound of it. Seems like the best books are coming from YOU these days!

    Great review, lovely love

  3. Ana @ Read Me Away

    Danielle, my TBR list is growing because of you, haha! I really like the premise of this one, and I’m glad that the premise is followed up by a great story. I love these kinds of “what if” stories, so I’m totally convinced! 😀

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