April Fools by Karli Perrin (Blog Tour Review)

December 19, 2013 Book Reviews 4 ★★★

April Fools by Karli Perrin (Blog Tour Review)

April Fools by Karli Perrin (Blog Tour Review)April Fools by Karli Perrin
Series: April #2
Published by Independent on 12th December 2013
Format: eArc
Source: Author
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Love. Hate. Fear. Fate.
All four letter words.
All consuming.
Naked to the eye, they have the power to control the heart and destroy the soul.
April Adams is about to experience them like never before.
When everything in April's life goes up in smoke, she is faced with some life changing decisions.
Join April as she continues her journey of love and loss.

APRIL SHOWERS was one of my favourite books of the summer so I was aching to catch up with April, Isaac and the gang especially after the killer cliff-hanger we were left with. APRIL FOOLS picks up almost immediately after so no need to worry you find out what happened which was a blessed relief. Although shorter than its predecessor APRIL FOOLS still packed it in with plenty of romance, drama and saucy scandal!

With the love triangle dispensed with and April and Isaac firmly committed to each other we got to see more of their relationship and how much they felt for each other. At times it did feel like there was a bit more sex than actual connecting as a couple on the whole but Perrin knows how to write a steamy scene so it wasn’t too much of an issue. I really liked that we got to know a bit more about Lucy, April’s best friend at college and the introduction of Brody, April’s brother was another highlight and I’d love to know more about both (Hint, Hint) . Because of the length I felt that certain aspects of the story weren’t fully developed and I was eager to know more about April’s and Brody’s background as plotlines were quickly introduced but never quite fully explained. There was a couple of moments in the book that other people will love to see mentioned but for me didn’t really do anything for me but that’s a personal preference.

April’s humour and banter was definitely the highlight for me. I adore her quick wit especially with Isaac and Brody. The story was fast paced and easy to read which was a pleasure and I liked how the story was wrapped up in a great epilogue. Sweet and funny with plenty of moments to remember, fans of book one will be sure to enjoy this instalment!


4 Responses to “April Fools by Karli Perrin (Blog Tour Review)”

  1. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    I actually found myself enjoying this one slightly more than AS. I liked AS, but got irritated with April’s indecision pretty fast. I like that here she’s made her choices and now has new obstacles to overcome concerning her and her boy’s relationship. I also loved the addition of Lucy and Brody! I also want to see more of those two! Great review girl, even though I know you didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first.

    • Danielle

      Yeah I think it was just after waiting six months for a novel and getting a novella where no real conflict happened disappointed me. It was more like an epilogue than a sequel, was still good but just not what I was expecting.

  2. Allura

    Ah, I’m disappointed you didn’t like this one as much! But I can understand your points. It was much shorter than I had expected, too!

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