Review: Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

October 11, 2013 Book Reviews 6 ★★★★½

Review: Never Too Far by Abbi GlinesNever Too Far by Abbi Glines
Series: Too Far #2, Rosemary Beach #1
Published by Simon & Schuster on August 1st 2013 (first published Feb 24th, 2013)
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

He had held a secret that destroyed her world.

Everything she had known was no longer true.

Blaire couldn’t stop loving him but she knew she could never forgive him.
Now, she was back home and learning to live again. Moving on with life… until something happened to send her world spinning once again.
What do you do when the one person you can never trust again is the one that you need to trust so desperately?

You lie, hide, avoid, and pray that your sins never find you out.

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I adored FALLEN TOO FAR which introduced me to the awesome Blaire, the irksome but oh so handsome Rush and a cast of secondary characters that I immediately loved and felt connected with. Having had some bad luck with NA in the past, picking up NEVER TOO FAR consolidated my opinion that Abbi Glines knows how to write amazing New Adult books that grip you with amazing story-lines filled with scandal, love, sex and friendship and that happily aren’t simply the most controversial and disturbing as possible which is becoming the tiresome trend in NA these days.

NEVER TOO FAR picks up immediately after FALLEN TOO FAR. Blaire reeling from a shocking revelation from her father and stepmother stumbles back to her hometown, leaving the man she loves behind. When her world is rocked again from news she never expected, Blaire must make her way back to Rosemary Beach to build a life and seek support from the people she now considers friends all while struggling with the fact that Rush, the one person she loved and trusted most in the world is waiting and hoping that she’ll forgive him and make her life with him. Will Blaire’s life changing decision bring her back to Rush or is it simply too late?

Once again in this book I felt an immediate connection with Blaire and had nothing but sympathy as she worked through her struggles and realisations that life would never be the same again for her. Despite some mistakes in FALLEN TOO FAR coming back to haunt her, Blaire once again picked herself up and committed to  making a life for herself determined that she wouldn’t have to rely on anyone. It really irked me that she had to feel this way. At not even twenty she’s been let down by practically everyone in her life that her default setting is “Get up and Get on With It”. It upset me because once again as in FALLEN TOO FAR I recognised traits in her that my mother shared and the similar struggles really hit home and the wave of emotion ebbed and flowed continuously over me reading this book.

I really felt the secondary characters were developed wonderfully. So often in NA the friends are almost caricatures with no real personality but Glines injects just as much life and soul into those in the background as her heroes and heroines. I was particularly impressed with Bethy and Woods. Bethy proved once again to be a solid support for Blaire and surprising even herself with the advice and love that she doled out to her when it was needed most. Her developing relationship with Jace was another high point as she realised she wasn’t just a summer romance to be discarded at the end of season and their interactions were both sweet and humorous and the perfect antidote to the drama surrounding Blaire. Woods, having put aside any romantic intentions became a wonderful friend for Blaire, protective and sweet and I can’t wait to learn more about him in TWISTED PERFECTION. I was disappointed with the woeful lack of Grant but his developing relationship with “bad girl” Nan was intriguing. Nan who I still refuse to hate because it takes a lot for me to call another woman a bitch was again her usual “joyful” self 😉 but given the revelations that broke in this book I have to wonder could anyone be normal after having so many lies fed to them since childhood.

It took some time for me to warm up to Rush in FALLEN TOO FAR so I loved the dual POV’s in this book so I could see inside his head. I loved how much he loved Blaire and particularly when certain revelations came out how immediately he stepped up and committed to his new life. I sympathised with how torn he was between his family and Blaire, never capable of finding a balance between them and although his behaviour towards Blaire nearing the climax of the book saddened me I understood the overpowering sense of responsibility and guilt that overwhelmed him and caused such behaviour.

Rush and Blaire have proved to be one of my favourite literary couples and I couldn’t help but root for them and squee like a fangirl over their awesomeness. The searing heat from their connection not to mention the steamy sexy times that more than once overwhelm the…ahem senses combined with the love and adoration they share for each other meant swooning was my primary (and sometimes only) reaction when reading this book.

Blaire and Rush have both sought answers about their pasts and when Blaire’s father finally breaks down and confesses all the secrets that have plagued both their families it broke my heart. Hearing how connected they were by the love of Blaire’s mom despite having never met until adulthood was beautiful and heart wrenching. While I did have sympathy for Abe during his confession I can never forgive him. I have no time for feckless fathers and given the revelations about Rush’s mom confirmed how wrong he was to choose the path he did. While it was appreciated, the ultimate fact that his daughter was left near destitute and feeling unloved and unworthy proved to me how much he needed to step up long ago.

This series has everything I want in a summer romance from the characters you can’t help but love, to the storylines that keep your frantically turning the pages and dropping the cupcakes that you bought to ease the pain and sadness when the tears start to spill all over yourself and the sizzling sexual tension that has you biting your lip and glancing furtively around to ensure no-one’s noticed the steam escaping your ears. I simply loved it!


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  1. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    I’m beginning to love the dual point of views more and more when it comes to adult romance books, it really deepens the connection! I’ve got Forever too far on my shelf to read too but I haven’t read any of the other books – sounds like I’ll need to if I want to read the full story. Great review Dani!

  2. Rebekah@Reflections of a Bookworm

    Ahhhh I have to try this! I thought I’d like the Vincent Boys series but couldn’t stand the style at all so maybe have better luck with Fallen Too Far. So glad you found a favourite book couple 😀
    Fab review, love 🙂

  3. Chelsea @ Starbucks & Books Obsession

    Awesome review!! I really loved this series so much. I totally agree with you, Blaire is so kick-ass and her and Rush are definitely one of my favorites too. I really sympathize with Rush and the way he is torn and pulled between the woman he loves and his family. Can’t wait for you to read Twisted Perfection, I still need to read Simple Perfection.

  4. glass

    It’s great that you liked it so much,. I have to say that I wasn’t too impressed with fist novel, but maybe I’ll read rest of the series someday.

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