Blog Tour Review: Incredibly True Tales of Make Believe People by Marcus Bey

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Blog Tour Review: Incredibly True Tales of Make Believe People by Marcus Bey

Blog Tour Review: Incredibly True Tales of Make Believe People by Marcus BeyIncredibly True Tales of Make Believe People by Marquis Bey
on Sep 7th 2013
Pages: 190
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Eight passengers, one “beastly” van, going exactly where they plan to go—or precisely where they didn’t think they would. A story of a man with a cross, a man in a suit, a woman who refuses to speak, a woman clutching a pocketbook, a gangster, a fag, a man with dreadlocks, and an elderly man journeying both forward to the destination set out for them, and backwards through the checkpoints of their past, all while telling tales that are both specious and obviously false. Or neither.

Comprised of flash fiction pieces that stand distinct yet weave together to form a cohesively dissonant story, MarquisbeY presents an unbridled meditation on the believability of self-authored stories, and implicitly interrogates matters of race, authenticity, religious faith, and why any of us are “here.”

Incredibly True Tales of Make Believe People re-introduced me to a world I thought I had forgotten and gladly welcomed back – The world of Literary Fiction. Marquis Bey has compiled a stunning collection of stories that take you on a journey through politics, social issues, relationships, love and humanity.

This rag-tag group of people collected on a bus going to…only God himself knows where are forced to face and embrace each other’s prejudices and perceptions as each offers a tale that at first seems nonsensical but as each person gets another turn weaves into an important lesson or vision for the reader to think about long after the book is closed.

Through the use of searing imagery and startlingly accurate vernacular Bey paints a picture of modern day societies and their views on race, political power and faith. We see as each story develops the reflection that forms of the struggles of every day people and how it relates to larger issues.

My personal favourite was the story of the struggle of the younger sibling to be heard by his parents over his older sibling as a symbol of the struggle of multi-culture America to be heard and recognised by the old world establishment. Bey’s clever use of imagery and symbolism was exceptional in this and many more pieces of fiction in this work.

Overall Bey has created a fresh, original and unique body of writing that is both enjoyable on a superficial level and provocative on a deeper level.

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Marquis Bey, Philadelphia native, studies philosophy, American studies, and English at Lebanon Valley College. He has written several nonfiction critical articles, published several flash fiction stories on “Flash Fiction World,” and published a chapbook of short stories and poetry called “Love The S(k)in You’re In.” Upon graduating, Marquis plans to pursue his Ph.D. in African American Literature and a graduate certificate in Gender Studies.

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  1. BookishTrish

    You make it sound very appealing. Nothing like some great literary fiction now and again to remind you how thought provoking and inspiring adult fiction can also be.

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