The Weekend Edition #20

July 13, 2013 weekly memes 22

Stacking the shelves and The Sunday Post
are memes where we share our news from the week and weekly haul.

This week in life and on the blog

  • Summer came to Ireland so there was a lot of people saying “Jaysus that’s fierce heat – Nothin’ like a bit o’ Sun – Fancy an icecream? – That’s lookin’ a bit pink…might want to put some aftersun on” and so on…But it’s great to get it so we won’t complain.
  • It’s the famous Salmon Festival in Ballina this week so lots of events on – went to a Kate Kerrigan reading which was great and there’s fireworks tonight which is always fun!
  • I splurged on a new workout program called Focus T25 by Shaun T who’s behind Insanity. Looks interesting. If there’s no posts next week I tried it and died… πŸ˜‰

Blog posts this week


This week I got…


From NetGalley


Trish! Another one for us! πŸ˜‰ I do love my dance books! This sounds heartwrenching!



One of my besties surprised me with a gift of this! It sounds awesome and right up my street πŸ™‚


Free this week! I think it’s being made into a movie?


This sounds super cute!


Next book in the Gayle Forman readalong! Join us! Check out BookAddictsGuide for details!

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I’m finally doing it! Throne of Glass time! So excited to novellas had to be bought!

That’s it!

What did everyone else get?

Danielle x


22 Responses to “The Weekend Edition #20”

  1. Dina

    It’s funny how the concept of summer is almost non existent when you live in Central Florida like I do. It’s just hot and hotter pretty much all year round.

    She’s Come Undone is one of those books I have been meaning to read for years. It’s supposed to be excellent. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Pam

    Hope you enjoy the Throne of Glass novellas–you’ll fall in love with Sam! Have fun reading!

  3. Belle Read

    Wally Lamb has an interesting mind. I have not finished a book by him, but have read several excerpts. I would like to pick up a book of his myself. Enjoy your books.

  4. Ariella

    Woohoo! Throne of Glass time, babe πŸ˜‰ And really? Significance is being made into a movie? Must check that out. Great haul, Danielle!

  5. Shannon

    Great haul! Reading your blog makes me happy πŸ™‚ OK so I must hear more about this workout program! Message me with the deets, please! Enjoy summertime xoxoxo

  6. Kelly L.

    Camp Boyfriend looks really cute!
    I’ve never read Throne of Glass yet, but I’ve heard tons of good things about it.
    Happy reading! πŸ˜€

  7. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I read She’s Come Undone years and years ago. I can’t remember too much about it, but I know I liked it.

    And I really should read If I Stay. I’m just not sure if I will be able to handle the emotions I know I will be feeling. I need to get myself in the right frame of mind.

    Anyway, enjoy your goodies. Happy reading πŸ™‚

  8. trishhannon111

    Aw, thanks for looking out for me! The Art of Falling looks grrrrreat! I must see if Significance is still there, looks good. And I’ve seen some good reviews for Camp Boyfriend.
    Happy reading and try not to kill yourself working out in this heat!

  9. Lisa (Lost in Literature)

    Super haul, Danielle! So many goodies!! I’m excited myself to read Significance. I’ve heard it’s really great. I purchased Throne of Glass myself a few weeks ago… I really need to read it one of these days!! Camp Boyfriend sounds really cute too… and a perfect summer read. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your goodies!!!

  10. tonyalee

    I loved If I Stay! Great (tear jerking) book! Have tissues! πŸ™‚

    I will be reading The Throne of Glass for our challenge. so YAY!

    Have a good Sunday love

  11. Wendy

    Apparently I forgot a LOT of things from my Sts post. I also got the Throne of Glass novellas!! I am super excited to start them! =) Yup, also got Significance as well. Love the free books! A GwB read perhaps??

    Also, I went to a class at the gym today (I always go to this kickboxing class but I haven’t been in weeks) and I nearly DIED. So completely understand your dying statement. =) haha.

  12. Becki @ The Flutterby Room

    It looks like you’ve got a great haul of books, though I have to admit I haven’t read any of them so I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them. Glad to hear last week was good, hope this week is too.

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