Review: Your Room or Mine? by Charlotte Phillips

June 3, 2013 Book Reviews 6 ★★★★

Review: Your Room or Mine? by Charlotte PhillipsYour Room or Mine? by Charlotte Phillips
Published by Harper Impulse on May 9th 2013
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

1 cheating ex, 3 bottles of white wine, an emergency pep talk from the girls… and this seemed like a good idea at the time:

Izzy Shaw’s Getting-Over-Him Action List

1. eBay his entire collection of football memorabilia and spend all profits on treating myself to fabulous new wardrobe.
2. Turn plans for 'Loved-Up Mini-Break' at exclusive boutique hotel into a weekend of spa pampering, me-time and shopping at Harvey Nics.
3. Don't get even, get even better. Have one night stand with drop-dead gorgeous stranger- Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome in the hotel lobby is just what I need!

Your room or mine? Go on Izzy…

I could feel myself falling into a bit of a reading slump these past couple of days. The books I’ve been reading have been *involved* to say the least and I needed a “palate cleanser” to help sweep away the cobwebs (mixing my metaphors there but you understand!!). Your Room or Mine? was the perfect solution! A quick, fun, light read with the right amount of humour, flirting and sex, it was just what I needed on a lazy bank holiday afternoon.

Izzy Shaw has just broken up with her feckless boyfriend, spurned after finding out he was cheating on her, she decides not to cancel their planned romantic getaway, instead deciding to use the break to reinvent herself and remind herself there’s plenty of fish in the sea waiting to be caught. Oliver Forbes is just the right fish! Staying in the same hotel, they strike up a flirtation that quickly develops into a night of hot passion and fun and just what Izzy needs. Walking away the next morning, Izzy is refreshed confident and has just a smidgen of regret that her night of passion with Oliver is a one-off…or is it?

Your Room or Mine? does exactly what it says on the tin. A romantic, light hearted exciting book perfect to forget your troubles for a couple of hours and immerse yourself in the fiction equivalent of a nice glass of wine and some indulgent goodies, preferably chocolate flavoured. What I liked about this is that it does hit on deeper issues and develops the characters so you do care about them and whether they’ll get their happy ending. It’s not always considered relevant in “chick lit” and so it was refreshing and encouraging particularly for me since it’s been a while since I’ve read contemporary women’s fiction.

If you’ve got a holiday planned this summer and are looking for a perfect summer read to stick in your suitcase and indulge in at the poolside then be sure to include Your Room or Mine? You won’t regret it 😉


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  1. Wendy

    Wine, chocolate and this book sounds like an amazing combination right now. Maybe this weekend I’ll have time to do that!

  2. BookishTrish

    Sounds fun, sometimes you can’t beat a good chick-lit. Selling his ‘stuff’ on eBay to pay for a shopping spree, love it, there is nothing like a woman scorned!

  3. Romy Sommer

    It is a fun read! And a great wish fulfillment for anyone who ever got dumped or cheated on. Get your own back by reading this book.

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