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April 14, 2013 Discuss With Danielle 21

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This week is…

Book PTSD!

Have you ever read a book where afterwards you’re walking around in a daze thinking…what just happened? Where am I? Is this real? Am I screaming silently because I don’t know what that was…seriously what was that??

It can strike at any time! Because of a particular topic that you may have found disturbing or simply because the book didn’t live up to your expectations and you’re left shaking it upside down in case you missed something or that Kindle didn’t download the full copy. Has that ever happened to you?

For me…if you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll know I’m what I’m about to say…REQUIEM!!!!!!

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously! It’s been weeks and I’m still wandering around in the desert of bad endings looking for the mirage that is an extra chapter.

Lena Holloway was my girl.


She was a normal chick, with normal fears, hopes, and dreams. Someone I could really connect with. She made mistakes, she wasn’t stunningly beautiful.


All the guys didn’t love her despite the fact she was sooo plain and they all couldn’t possibly mean her *cough* Bella *cough*.


She like most people accepted the status quo until someone challenged her to challenge it. Education, enlightenment, its powerful stuff.

Lena grew.

This is epic because in so many YA novels, the heroine is static. She is who she is and never changes because the guys fall at her feet while the “other girls” are dismissed with the ever popular slut-shaming and so her world view as a character is never challenged therefore she never grows.


Lena, for me, bucked the trend throughout Delirium as her eyes were opened to an oppressive world wrapped up in safe and soothing bow which comes closer to the true definition of what a dystopian theme should encompass.
In Pandemonium, she truly becomes a kick-ass heroine. Found in the wilds, she is soft, sick and scared of her own shadow. But she grows. As she takes the first tentative steps out of the safe house and breaks into a shuffle, then a jog into a full on run, she reconnects with the part of herself from her old life that empowered her and her best friend and married it to her new self.

Lena from the Wilds was born.


She becomes a vital member of the Resistance, risking her life for the cause and her new found family. Pandemonium ends on a cliff hanger of epic if not predictable proportions.




Our girl Lena is still pretty awesome. She’s badass in fact. When she’s dissed and dismissed by one of her love interests (Yeah expect a Dani Dish rant on Love Triangles soon!) she does what any self respecting girl would do and says to herself “Fuck him, who gives a damn”…for like five minutes and then she acts a bit petty and not so cool. I can’t blame her; I’d be the same so while I adore her I can’t stick her on a pedestal and berate her for acting human too.

Requiem was not a bad book. In fact it was an amazing book, if it was number three of four, five, six books. The main problem and the reason for my impassioned discussion rant is the ending.
The last couple of pages contain some beautiful prose, quotes I could write on a wall or in my little notebook, mementos of a wonderful story but I read those beautiful words and then clicked my kindle button for the next page, clicked it again and again and again and then pain started. That wasn’t it? Really? Really?

Calm, deep breath, do some yoga Dani;

DON’T THROW the kindle against the wall. Make some tea…I SAID don’t throw the kindle!


Yeah that was my reaction, I’m not proud of it but seriously I watched a video after of Lauren Oliver where she muses wistfully of when she was a child and when she finished a book she just loved to continue the stories and so wanted an “open ending” so her wonderful fans (Who me? Who threw the kindle?) could have the same wonderful experience…Okay so you wrote the crappy ending so I could write fan fiction?

Gee, thanks! I’m so grateful!


I actually have palpitations writing this.

This is Book PTSD. Isn’t it wonderful?


Ever happen to you?

Danielle x

Disclaimer: I am Lauren Oliver’s biggest fan. I worship her. I just need five (or six) sessions years of therapy to get over Requiem, my most anticipated book of 2013. I’m allowed that right? 😉


21 Responses to “Discuss With Danielle – Book PTSD”

  1. Trish

    LOL, great gifs! Love them. Now I haven’t read Requiem yet and I’m terrified to so. I adore the first two, I don’t want it all to go downhill. Sucking up my courage here to go for it.

    Book, PTSD – I get this every time I read a book by a favourite author that doesn’t live up to my high expectations. Or if everyone else gives 5 stars and I give 3, I’m left wondering what’s wrong with me. And visa versa too.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

    • Danielle

      Lol yup me too! This is pretty much what happened here. I mean this is the fourth Requiem related post on my blog and it’s only two months old…that’s PTSD lol But defo read it, It is a fab book just.not.an.ending. Sigh thank god there’s a tv series coming!

  2. Terri

    YES! Pegasus by Robin McKinley, but in a good way. The book ends on this completely tragic cliffhanger and I turned the page, but there was no more book and I died. I LOVE Robin McKinley and can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. sheriboston

    Ohhh Danielle hahaha you crack me up! And yet you also have me FREAKING OUT. I haven’t started Delirium yet. (Please save the hate mail for later people) And now I’m staring at the first book sitting here on my desk with doubt….Maybe I’ll just make sure to have a therapist lined up so that as I close the book I’m walking into the office lol.

    But yeah my most recent case of Book PTSD was From Ashes by Molly McAdams. That book had me wanting to throw many, many things. The fact that I finished it was a miracle in itself!

    Anyway I love this post and you picked a great title for your new feature!! It’s catchy 🙂

    Sheri @ Perks of Being a Bookworm

  4. sabriena

    Requiem. I’m mad at that ending, MAD! I wanted closure not an open ending. The series was fantastic and Requiem was no different but the ending just was there in the middle of everything that was going on. I thought, okay, maybe there’s another book coming, she’s pulling our chain here.

    I can understand the PTSD 🙁

  5. Kelley

    OMG. I feel you, Dani. PTSD indeed. I still feel as if I’m wandering, looking for more in the ending. As I was getting closer and closer to the end, I was wondering how the heck everything was going to wrap up… and then it didn’t. Did you at least get the Alex short story at the end of yours? That gave me a *little* bit of closure. But not much.

    • Danielle

      I know. Sigh. I got the kindle version so I went into my local bookstore and sat on the floor and read the Alex store lol! The one teeny tiny romantic scene in it settled me a bit but not much! I don’t think I’ll be over this for a while 😉

      • Kelley

        Hahaha! I’m glad you at least go to read the Alex story. I agree, it was nice, but still not enough. Sigh!

  6. tonyalee

    HAHAHA love this! I think i suffer from this more often than not. As for THIS particular series… I didn’t like Delirium. SO, I never read on. 😛 *pats back* It’ll be OK

  7. Anahera

    I’ve never read Requiem or the books in that series, but now I’m not sure if I want to even start…

    As for my book PTSD, it would have to be “Dedication” by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus. It had me wanting to throw the book out the window, and led to me giving a swear-filled rant to my boyfriend. I think I get this when the book just completely falls flat of expectations, or takes a direction that made it SO BAD SO FAST.

  8. teacupsandbookends

    This is how I felt at the end of Vampire Academy. I was like wait…that was IT?! It was also before I knew Bloodlines was going to exist but still. Like what just happened?! That was my thought. How did it just…end? I really need to read these books. Everyone raves about them!

  9. Cayce (@Cayce_23)

    Oh yes, the ending of Requiem made me pretty mad too. I really, really don’t like open endings. And that one was wide open with zero resolution on any front (love triangle, the “war”)
    Great post! <3 the GIFs 🙂

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